Miguel DeLeon


Alex Honnold & Cedar Wright


While helping out Keith Ladzinski photograph for The North Face he graciously allowed me to setup and have a few minutes with Cedar and Alex. Cedar recounted his time helping his friend Dean Fidelman photograph rock climbers on film upon seeing the Graflex and Pentax I was using. These two are used to being photographed on enourmous rock walls with faces twisted with effort and determination to reach the next set of anchors, taking these two out of their element by bringing the studio to them at the crag allowed for an authenticity to how they are that I was not expecting.


Constance is a dancer and part of the cohort of masters students at Colorado University at Boulder. I met her as she began her studies with my fiancee in their first year of grad school. As the pandemic has changed the way dance is experienced across the world and during their third and final year I am happy to photograph her as she puts her concepts into her thesis.


I photographed a recording day for Spitfire Audio as they create a sound library plug-in of “Firewood”, the upright piano used by Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers. Michael, the piano tuner that coined the name of the instrument came by to make it sound just right and talked about how notes should sustain after a correct tuning. 

Jon & Syndi

I helped out with a commercial shoot with my friends Aaron Smith and Daniel Kim in Montana during August. It was four days of re-socialization and learning about an industry of regenerative agriculture utilizing Bison. Jon and Brittany own Roam Free Ranch in Hot Springs, Montana and employ a mess of ranch hands from all different backgrounds each with their own fascinating personalities. I was fortunate enough to get a small amount of time to photograph the relationship between father and daughter.


I met Paul by chance watching him wander aimlessly in the brush below a bluff I had pulled over at in order to gather my thoughts. When he got closer I called out to him asking how he was doing “Not good” he said unable to make eye contact with me. We had a conversation unrushed by time or the need to fill in the silent gaps. Recently hit by hard times he is homeless and sleeping in a tent hidden in some bushes. The previous night he had lost his cat named Dreamer and feared that she had been prey to a snake or a predatory bird in the area. I asked him if I could come back later under better light and photograph him. He has let me know that his cat showed back up the next morning.